contact the studio at:

(seven one four) six two five – five six zero zero

janelle (at) jsteinbergdesign (dot) com


2 responses to “Contact

  1. george

    Safavieh “Greek Basic” Rug 8 x10 in ivory on sale?

  2. Hello: Janelle

    I am writing you because I am in the middle of getting a house I recently purchase to look like my dream house. The house is a foreclosure home and it is in a bit of bad shape meaning dirty and no floor.

    But we are getting all that fix. Where I wish you can give me a bit of help or advise is on the colors and selecting the right accent walls, I thought I had it and it seems easy on the rooms but outside is harder than I thought. I was wondering how much you will charge me if any, if I show you some pictures and the color schemed and may be some already templates I was working on photoshop. I am a graphic, photographer and web designer and I like sleek looks contemporary, and Japanese style, but I am not sure how good I can do in an actual house without a bit of direction.

    I am in Stockbridge, Ga, I a will be ready to buy the paint and start this project with my husband by Friday May, 8th but I don’t want to make the mistake to buy the wrong color scheme nor paint the wrong walls, please help, so far your article ” The Accent Wall” has been helpful, it tells me what I was thinking originally was already in the wrong direction.

    Looking forward to hear from you;
    Marlin Lopez
    Cell: 352-988-8278

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